Applying for a NXUS project

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Applying for a NXUS project


NXUS performs collaborative industrial projects with a wide range of industries and academia. The projects can be set up on a traditional consultant basis or run free-of-charge after proposal.


Free proposal-based project

The free proposal-based projects are performed to demonstrate the use of small-angle scattering to industrial partners. A proposal (download template here) must be submitted. It is recommended to contact the NXUS group before preparing the proposal to ensure the feasibility and relevance of the project. Projects are accepted based on approval from the NXUS steering group.

A project includes data collection at leading large scale facilities, data analysis and a full report of the found results. If desired, all intellectual property rights belong to the industrial partner. The projects are limited to one-two months' of work.

One-pager presentations of the projects will be produced to serve as case material for possible future users. Please contact NXUS for more information on the possibilities for your project, proposal deadlines and project scheduling.

There are currently no futher proposal rounds planned for 2015.


Paid consultant-based project

Projects can also be performed on consultant basis, including both smaller and more extended projects. Please contact NXUS to discuss and get a quote.




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