NXUS is a pilot project promoting industrial use of X-rays and neutrons through collaborations with university scientists.

Custom NXUS uSAXS sample setup for measuring samples from PPG


New opportunities in the ├śresund Region


Two world-leading research facilities are being built in Lund: The synchrotron X-ray source MAX IV and the ESS (European Spallation Source) neutron source. Together, the two complementary facilities will provide new opportunities for both industry and academia for studying the structure and dynamics of soft and hard materials.




Join with your own project!


Through NXUS you now have the opportunity to have your samples investigated with advanced X-ray and neutron techniques at existing European research facilities. A wide variety of industrial samples spanning from pharmaceuticals to catalyst particles have already been studied through this programme. See our project catalog.

If you have products or materials that you would like to understand on a nanometre scale, please contact the NXUS team and let us discuss the possibilities. Free case studies are offered after application.



Contact: Lise Arleth, arleth@nbi.dk, tel: +45 51 40 78 05



The NXUS-project is financed by KU-SCIENCE, KU-SUND and the capital region of Denmark.


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